Ag Trucking

Ag Trucking offers bulk transportation, freight brokering and specialized services, including tank cleaning, throughout the Midwest and Southeast. With 200 power units and six locations, the company operates terminals in Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina. Twice named by the respected trade publication Transport Topics as one of 20 best managed bulk carriers in the country, Ag Trucking is noted for 30 years of continuous leadership in the transportation industry.

Trimble Transportation, Inc., welcomes Ag Trucking, as a new customer using IDSC ExpertFuel and IDSC TripAlert, leading fuel optimization software. Engineered to work seamlessly with legacy systems and technology infrastructures, IDSC ExpertFuel and IDSC TripAlert will interface with the company's existing technology.

IDSC ExpertFuel is designed specifically for truckload carriers to minimize fuel costs and out-of-route miles. At dispatch, drivers receive a fuel/route plan detailing number of gallons to purchase at inexpensive and expensive stops. Using a unique algorithm to calculate all essential factors and best-in-class pricing/routing data, fuel plans are generated in real-time, in a matter of seconds. All relevant route and vehicle factors are considered in the solution.

IDSC TripAlert provides total visibility of assets and best-in-class exception and event management-it also increases driver time-at-home without impacting profit potential. IDSC TripAlert automatically identifies the locations and times when two power units will be feasible to swap load assignments. The software recognizes swap opportunities which improve utilization and on-time performance. And, IDSC TripAlert provides built-in capabilities to identify candidates for in-transit swaps-leveraging the data to maximize driver and equipment utilization, prevent service failures, and increase driver time at home.

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