Agreement Signed With IBM for App Modernization Pilot

New capabilities will increase access to Web-ready business technologies for Trimble Transportation users

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Trimble Transportation, Inc., today announced the signing of an agreement with IBM to evaluate a new set of application modernization capabilities, including IBM's Rational Software Delivery Platform and the EGL programming language. The project will involve an RPG-based software application from TMW designed to provide business exception monitoring and alerts when used with complex, RPG-based operations systems, including TMW's TL2000 enterprise transportation software and TMT Fleet Maintenance - IBM i.

"The opportunity to partner with IBM directly on a project of key importance to TMW and many of our customers, namely, protecting their investments in System i (OS/400) applications and infrastructure, is compelling for us," said David Mook, COO and CIO for Trimble Transportation. "The modernization of legacy applications and code are key components of TMW's market strategy and ensures that all of our customers have full access to Web-ready business technologies and ongoing product innovations. IBM has focused on these same challenges for customers on the System i platform for several years and we look forward to bringing more of their expertise to our development teams."

"EGL is a modern programming language specifically designed to help business developers leverage the benefits of System i and Java platforms without extensive re-training to create Web 2.0-ready applications based on RPG code," said Todd Britton, Application Transformation Executive for IBM Rational Software. "IBM introduced EGL as the natural evolution of rapid development technologies already widely used in the marketplace and we believe that it holds tremendous benefits for TMW and their customers concerned about product modernization." 

Trimble Transportation is the leading provider of enterprise software for the transportation services industry, including TL2000, TruckMate and TMWSuite. Other products from TMW include TMT Fleet Maintenance, IDSC ExpertFuel, IDSC Netwise and IDSC MatchAdvice, among others. Of TMW's five office locations across the US and Canada, currently three are active in development and support of RPG applications for transportation service providers and heavy-duty fleets.

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Trimble Transportation, Inc., is committed to delivering customer-driven solutions that help companies in the transportation services sector seize market opportunities while improving profitability and gaining a better return on information. TMW customers include 3PLs and shippers, private and for-hire trucking, brokerage, construction, ready mix concrete, municipal fleet, heavy-duty repair and waste management operations. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina.; Indianapolis, Indiana; Dallas, Texas; and Vancouver, British Columbia; TMW currently serves more than 1,600 customers managing over 325,000 power units and maintaining more than 1.1 million assets worldwide, including North America, Europe, China and Latin America. For more information, or call (800) 401-6682.

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