Appian FinalMile Products Benefit from Expanded Capabilities

Distribution Operations Gain Even More Customizable Support in Appian Software

ORLANDO, FL--Trimble Transportation® announces significant enhancements and new integrations for its industry-proven Appian software products during the TransForum 2012 User Conference and Exhibition this week. Private fleet and third party logistics companies attending TransForum will find learning sessions detailing the new features in Appian DirectRoute, ResourcePro and DRTrack as well as demonstrations of the new TMW Transportation Modeler for multi-mode freight network analysis and optimization.

Trimble Transportation Inc. purchased the former Appian Logistics Software company in 2011 and now presents extensive software learning sessions for all Appian software products at its TransForum User Conference, open to all TMW software customers. The TMW Transportation Modeler is the first new product-based on joint technology developments with other TMW product lines-introduced by the Appian group since the acquisition.

New enhancements, integrations and products announced for Appian products include: 

For details about new Appian software capabilities and modules, please call 800.401.6682 or email: Information can also be requested through the company's website at

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• DirectRoute

  o Added stop filters to simplify map displays

  o New multi-compartment tanker stop routing and detail feature, suited for oil and gas delivery 

  o Algorithm enhancements to filter out backhaul opportunities that would exceed specific, user-customizable, out-of-route travel limits by maximum mileage or maximum percentage and an "LTL Cost" option to compare both backhaul and other stops for lowest transport cost with own fleet assets or external carriers

  o Mixed delivery and pickup activities at stop locations

  o Route sequencing options to favor certain stops at the beginning of a route or to force certain stops as first or last on a route

  o Closer integration with TMW transportation management products: Innovative IES®, TMWSuite® and TruckMate®

• ResourcePro

  o New algorithm for improved solution quality and multi-week scheduling

  o Added capability for Trailer Scheduling

• DRTrack

  o A refreshed user-interface with advanced controls that increase application performance, provide a cleaner look and more extensive user customization

  o Integration with D2Link® for expanded handheld device options

  o Customizable email alerts for trip exceptions

  o Auto-tuning for account geo-locations based on actual lat/long readings

  o SQL reporting options, including ‘completed order' data

  o Auto-suggest other stop options based on historical data before finalizing routes

  o Analyze future orders to see if they can be dispatched today

  o Drag and drop controls for dramatically faster route edits

  o Integrations with NexTraq, Networkfleet, International Telematics and Teletrac

• TMW Transportation Modeler

  o Model orders and shipments-Balance transportation demand with shipper requirements and carrier capacity

  o Evaluate mode shifts and costs savings 

  o Model consolidation scenarios-LTL to truckload consolidations and parcel to LTL consolidations

  o Model new markets-evaluate future demand on current capacity to identify optimal scenarios to expand network including internal assets versus outsourcing