IDSC MatchAdvice v6.0 Adds Scheduling and Consolidation Options

Major software upgrade adds flexibility; power to reduce costs from poor load planning

CLEVELAND, OH - Trimble Transportation, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise transportation software for the logistics and trucking industries, today announced the release of IDSC MatchAdvice Version 6.0, a milestone release for the popular power-to-load matching application that has been proven to reduce costs and improve asset utilization for truckload carriers. Along with reducing dwell and in-transit delays, as well as empty miles, the software safely maximizes driver and truck utilization.

IDSC MatchAdvice enables truckload carriers to dramatically improve capacity utilization while simultaneously reducing empty miles, in many cases, by as much as 15 percent. The software integrates with all major commercial dispatch systems, as well as custom or in-house managed operations systems. It works in real-time to present load planners or dispatchers with suggested load and power matchups that are calculated to generate the highest profits and improve asset placement throughout the freight network or truck operating circuits. Even expert dispatchers make faster and more profitable load assignment decisions with the use of IDSC MatchAdvice because it instantaneously calculates the effects of multiple business factors that go in to those decisions, such as: available and needed driver hours; customer delivery or pickup requirements and windows; driver home time needs; and movement of the truck to reduce overall empty miles.

"Our customers rely on IDSC MatchAdvice to increase loaded ratios while improving efficiency. By matching the right trucks with the right loads in the context of the entire freight network, IDSC MatchAdvice helps carriers to maximize profitability in any load planning or dispatching process," TMW Vice President of Professional Services David McKinney said. "Our approach not only improves a carrier's asset utilization, it is proven to increase customer and driver satisfaction." "This latest software release incorporates additional flexibility to adapt to almost any company's business operations, including depot-based short hauls."

A notable product enhancement is shift-based driver scheduling, which can optimize worker assignments for fleets that operate in scheduled shifts. This is a productivity boon to produce, grocery and fuel delivery companies.

"The new IDSC MatchAdvice v.6.0 can also identify multiple load consolidations onto a single truck for additional savings and efficiencies," McKinney said.

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