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Strategic Alliance Announced Between TMW and TRINCON

COLUMBUS, Ohio--TRINCON GROUP, a leading national transportation industry advisory firm, is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with Trimble Transportation, which positions TRINCON as a partner in management consulting services available to TMW customers.

Through an agreement with TMW, TRINCON will offer its leading consulting and educational services to TMW's customers to assist with issues of change management and business process transformation that improve profitability. "This is an extraordinary initiative for both companies," said TRINCON President Duff Swain. "TRINCON has an opportunity to bring our business advisory services to the transportation market in association with a leading company. The relationship with TMW will expose TRINCON's proven business improvement strategies, based on long and successful transportation industry experience, to more than 1,600 TMW customers, including more than 1,300 trucking companies."

TRINCON will offer consulting services to TMW customers that range from navigating business growth transitions and conducting profitability and situational analyses to boosting new business development, enhancing management team development and employee career paths as well as improving driver retention. TRINCON will also hold a series of webinars and seminars throughout the year on key business topics and will make available educational materials including articles, white papers and manuals for interested companies. TRINCON will be able to assist TMW customers with expert guidance on business processes and operations management to reduce cost, improve ROI on technology investments and improve profitability and competitive position.

Trimble Transportation is a leading North American developer of enterprise transportation software, optimization technology and asset maintenance software. For over 25 years, the Cleveland-based company has served the transportation industry with robust and dynamic software designed to keep pace with rapid changes in business as well as technology platforms.

"TMW has always been a leader in transportation technology and a pioneer in integrated software and service solutions," said David Schildmeyer, senior vice president of sales at TMW. "It makes sense for us to work with a respected firm like TRINCON that also brings experience, a great depth of knowledge and a range of successful business tools which effectively complement TMW's value, especially for trucking companies." 
The partnership with Trimble Transportation will continue TRINCON's 25-year tradition of addressing the needs of the trucking industry, which has included helping transportation companies address recruitment and retention issues.

About Trimble Transportation, Inc.
Trimble Transportation, Inc., is committed to delivering customer-driven solutions that help companies take better advantage of market opportunities, improve asset productivity and gain a better return on information. TMW's solutions are focused in the commercial transportation industries. TMW customers come from trucking, 3PL, private fleet, construction, municipal, retail repair and waste management. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina; Indianapolis, Indiana; Dallas, Texas; and Vancouver, British Columbia; TMW currently serves more than 1,600 customers managing over 325,000 power units and maintaining more than 1.1 million assets worldwide, including North America, Europe, China and Latin America.

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TRINCON GROUP is a business advisory company that, since 1982, has provided strategies, planning and implementation services to ownership and management teams in the trucking and transportation industry. President Duff H. Swain has more than 30 years of industry experience and has authored several white papers and trade articles on the subjects of driver turnover, cost-based accounting and other topics. For more information, visit, call 614-442-0590, or e-mail