PC*MILER 22 Certified by Trimble Transportation

ALK Technologies Helps TMW Customers Better Manage Operating Costs with Accurate Truck Routing

PRINCETON, New Jersey--ALK Technologies, Inc., today announced that it has attained certification from its long-term strategic partner Trimble Transportation, Inc., for integration of its latest versions of PC*MILER® and PC*MILER|Tolls. The 22nd annual upgrade of ALK’s routing, mileage and mapping software solution offers truck-specific toll cost calculation by weight and axle, custom vehicle dimension routing, as well as important map database updates.

Trimble Transportation, a leading software provider to logistics firms, trucking, construction, utility, and municipal fleets, has once again promptly certified the new PC*MILER release to ensure their customers take advantage of the enhancements.

PC*MILER 22 provides a substantial map data update of truck restrictions and helps companies and drivers avoid low bridge clearances, load limits, one-way roads, turn restrictions and more. Significant improvements were made across the U.S. and Canada including an 84% increase in truck restricted roadway, and a 159% increase in the number of truck restrictions and allowances.

“Together with ALK, we continue to provide superior scalability and flexibility for our joint customers,” said David Wangler, President and CEO of Trimble Transportation. “The combined result is a significant reduction in empty miles and increase in revenue per mile, a strong value proposition in this challenging environment with record fuel prices.”

The seamless integration of PC*MILER|Tolls 22 also enables TMW customers to better manage operating costs by automating precise toll cost calculation, collection and reconciliation. By integrating these software solutions, TMW clients will have accurate truck toll costs (by weight and axle) at their finger tips. By utilizing the power of TMW’s fleet management solutions, toll costs will now become part of decisions relating to lane analysis and support, as well as extensive accounting and billing processes.

ALK®’s PC*MILER 22 runs in a Microsoft Windows and IBM iSeries (AS/400) environment and is certified with the latest versions of TMWSuite™, TruckMate™ and TL2000™. PC*MILER 22 is also seamlessly integrated with TMW’s Optimization Solutions including IDSC ExpertFuel, IDSC Netwise, and IDSC TripAlert.

“Keeping enterprise management and truck routing systems current is critical to accurately calculating rates and costs,” said Craig Fiander, Vice President, Marketing for PC*MILER Solutions. "TMW’s commitment to reality-based pricing and costing in turn allows our customers to pay their drivers on what they actually drive. Ultimately, this improves driver retention and recruiting.”

TMW solutions combine the power of a PC-based client/server system with the flexibility and familiarity of Microsoft Windows as well as IBM’s iSeries to assure accurate, up-to-date information is shared across the organization. TMW solutions have all been designed to integrate every function of the three key organizational areas including executive office, asset management and back office. That integration of these functional areas provides the control needed to handle ever-changing market dynamics and still come out ahead. 


About ALK Technologies, Inc. 
Since 1979, ALK Technologies has developed innovative mobile navigation and transportation technology solutions. ALK's award-winning CoPilot Live GPS software is the navigation based services platform of choice for mobile operators, hardware OEMs and systems integrators globally. ALK's PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping solutions are used by over 22,000 transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies worldwide. For more information on ALK Technologies, visit www.alk.com or www.alk.eu.com.

About Trimble Transportation, Inc. 
Trimble Transportation, Inc. is committed to delivering customer-driven solutions that help companies take better advantage of market opportunities, improve asset productivity and gain a better return on information. TMW’s solutions are focused in the transportation services industries. TMW customers come from trucking, 3PL, private fleet, construction, municipal, retail repair and waste management. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina; Indianapolis, Indiana; Dallas, Texas; and Vancouver, British Columbia; TMW currently serves more than 1,600 customers managing over 325,000 power units and maintaining more than 1.1 million assets worldwide, including North America, Europe, China and Latin America. For more information, visit www.tmwsystems.com or call (800) 401-6682.