TMW Expands Engage Series Bid Management Platform to Include Tracking and Analysis of Shipper Commitments

Engage Series Platform Now Also Helps Carriers, Brokers and 3PLs Monitor Awarded vs. Actual Freight Volume by Shipper and Lane

NASHVILLE – August 16, 2017 — Trimble Transportation today announced the availability of new functionality that enables users of the company’s Engage Series bid management platform to easily track and analyze shipper commitments. The Engage Series helps for-hire carriers, brokers and third-party logistics providers maintain deep visibility into awarded versus actual freight volume by shipper and lane. This insight can enable transportation providers to more accurately evaluate shipper relationships, enhance pricing strategies and uncover opportunities to improve network performance.

TMW previously introduced the Engage.Bid application, which allows transportation providers to streamline the freight bidding process by simplifying the analysis and storage of shipper RFPs, providing easy access to rates and volume commitments and providing a streamlined workflow for responding to shipper RFPs. The application enables users to process more bids in less time with fewer resources while offering insight to lane rate, revenue potential and other key metrics. The newly released Engage Series functionality allows users to join this valuable bid intelligence with data for the actual freight delivered.

“Carriers, brokers and 3PLs invest a great deal of time and energy in researching and competing for new business yet too often lose sight of the actual outcome of many of those contracts,” said David Wangler, president of Trimble Transportation. “Engage helps make them more efficient and competitive on the front end of this process while this new integration functionality helps ensure they realize the negotiated volume and revenue from each contract.”

Engage now helps ensure shippers are meeting or exceeding their agreements by enabling orders processed through the user’s TMS or other solution to be matched with the corresponding bid award. The application can be used with any TMS or other business management solution.

“In addition to having an immediate, positive impact on bid and revenue management strategies, the Engage Series helps users build an invaluable digital library of shippers, lanes, rates and freight,” Wangler explained. “Users can rely on this intelligence to address changes to inbound and outbound markets, identify the best opportunities for network expansion and price with greater clarity and conviction.”

To learn more about the TMW Engage Series, contact your TMW representative or call (800) 401-6682.