JP Venezia of Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc., Reveals Secrets of Maintenance Management Improvement with Bottom-Line Impact

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc., of Pottstown, Pa., is the featured carrier in an upcoming Transport Topics Online webinar sponsored by Trimble Transportation, which will highlight the cost-saving benefits of having access to real-time information for decision support of a maintenance organization. The 60-minute webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 23, 2008, beginning at 1:30 EST and requires free registration through Transport Topics Online to attend. Trimble Transportation is a leading software provider to logistics firms, trucking, construction, utility and municipal fleets. This one-hour web event is designed for business owners, executives and senior managers who have budget and operational responsibility for fleet maintenance management. 

When Fleet Manager JP Venezia and his company, Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc., selected TMT Fleet Maintenance software from Trimble Transportation, it was after they had researched the market and built a strong case for return on investment (ROI) for their purchase. Yet, following their implementation of the fleet maintenance software, the Pennsylvania-based trucking company discovered additional unexpected benefits from their investment and continue to find ways to improve their maintenance operations through the use of technology. Venezia will discuss with webinar participants the significant benefits that the right maintenance software system can bring to personnel utilization, parts inventory management, warranty recovery and decision support. 

The webinar invites viewers to save time and money with better maintenance management and will cover critical aspects of their improved maintenance operations performance: 

  • Move fleet maintenance operations and financial decisions to fact-based with real-time information such as cost per mile, total cost by unit and total cost by groups of units, across divisions and terminals. 
  • Improve warranty recovery by up to 15% while eliminating the overhead associated with warranty administration. 
  • Increase the utilization of mechanics’ time from less than 80 percent direct labor to 98 percent direct labor through improved planning tools and information at their fingertips. 
  • Significantly increase the number of assets under management without increasing back office administration staff. 
  • Eliminate inventory stock-outs for scheduled repairs while decreasing total inventory carry costs by 30 percent with the ability to identify and remove non-movers, appropriately adjust inventory levels on slow movers and accurately identify seasonal demand. 

The webinar will be hosted by Peter Lovato, associate publisher of Transport Topics Publishing Group. TMW’s Maintenance Consultant, Dave Walters, will also be present to answer questions on asset maintenance best practices, representing 30 years of experience performing and successfully managing maintenance operations at industry-leading trucking companies. Dave has recently joined Trimble Transportation from MaintenanceIO, Bridgestone/Bandag LLC, where he was vice president of the Fleet Services Division. 

Registration is open now until noon on October 23 by logging on to 

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