Trimble Transportation Partners with FleetLocate by Spireon

FleetLocate's Leading Intelligent Trailer Platform is Now Integrated with TMWSuite and TMT Fleet Maintenance

Cleveland OH and Knoxville TN --Trimble Transportation, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise software to transportation and logistics companies, announced today a new partnership with Spireon Inc. For-hire carriers and private fleets now have detailed information on trailer location, capacity and operations of their trailer fleet to improve utilization and compliance.  

The partnership provides prebuilt integrations between Spireon’s FleetLocate solution and Trimble Transportation’ TMW Suite and TMT Fleet Maintenance solutions. The TMWSuite integration captures GPS position information from the trailer, whether tethered or not, for visibility to all trailers to support dispatch operations. Joint customers will improve trailer utilization by having the right trailer at the right place at the right time. The TMT Fleet Maintenance integration captures GPS position information and mileage. The integration provides automatic scheduling of preventive maintenance work based on actual miles travelled and automatically alerts the maintenance department when a trailer requiring repairs or maintenance enters the yard. The FleetLocate Trailer and Asset Intelligence solution is available from Spireon. The FleetLocate Integration modules for TMWSuite and TMT Fleet Maintenance solutions are available from Trimble Transportation.

With these new integration modules, fleets can capture and leverage business intelligence to save significant costs, improve customer service and make faster, more profitable business decisions. FleetLocate’s real-time trailer visibility enables fleets to see which trailers are underutilized, and where they have a real need for more trailers. This has allowed transportation companies to reduce their overall trailer count and still do the same amount of work.

The integrated solutions are already providing benefits: 

  • Bengal Transportation Services – Integration gives Bengal the benefit of seeing their entire fleet of trucks and trailers on one screen. Dispatchers now have a complete view of tractors, trailers, drivers and loads.
  • Red Classic Transportation Services - The integration provides RCTS with a systematic way to track trailers within their TMWSuite dispatch system. Data is now accessible to their end users giving them the ability to keep a closer eye on their available trailer resources to meet demand.
  • Matheson Trucking, Inc. – The integration provides Matheson with real-time updates when their trailers move and the ability to track the actual mileage as it accumulates. Operations and maintenance personnel also receive a notification when a trailer is ready for service and the exact location.

“FleetLocate is a unique trailer platform that provides continual, real-time views of an entire trailer fleet,” says Scott Vanselous, CMO, Trimble Transportation. “Through the partnership with FleetLocate, our customers receive valuable operational and reporting capabilities within TMWSuite and TMT Fleet Maintenance software to improve utilization and reduce costs associated with their trailers.”

About Trimble Transportation 
Trimble Transportation is the leading provider of enterprise software to transportation and logistics companies. TMW's solutions address every aspect of for-hire and not-for-hire, asset and non-asset based operations. Customers include for-hire fleets, brokers, 3PLs and private fleets along with heavy-duty vehicle service centers. With offices in Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, and Vancouver, TMW currently serves more than 2,000 customers managing over 500,000 power units and maintaining more than 1.7 million assets worldwide, including North America, Europe, China and Latin America. For more information, visit or call (800) 401-6682.

About FleetLocate by Spireon, Inc. 
FleetLocate is a powerful, flexible and scalable Trailer and Asset Intelligence solution that provides continuous real-time visibility of large, geographically disperse fleets. Featuring exception-base reporting, FleetLocate is an effective tool for improving operational efficiency, increasing the number of loads per trailer, reducing the need and associated costs for rental trailers and driving more revenue. The interface is simple to use, easy to navigate, and provides a comprehensive suite of reports designed to help businesses better manage their fleet operations and address many of the operational dilemmas they face daily. To learn more, visit

About Spireon 
Spireon, Inc., is at the summit of business intelligence and committed to going higher. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, the company emerged in 2011 as the industry leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company as a result of the merger of Spireon, Inc., Inc. with Enfotrace and PFS, LLC , the top three providers in the MRM space.

Spireon connects companies to their mobile assets and workforce through game changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence. Inspiring companies to reach new heights with powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, Spireon provides a sturdy foundation on which to optimize performance.

With leading market positions in the Subprime Automotive Finance industry, Local & Enterprise Fleet Management and Trailer & Logistics markets, Spireon, Inc. specializes in developing strong business relationships with leading companies worldwide, enabling it to offer affordable world-class risk mitigation, mobile asset management and location based services to its customers. Spireon, Inc.’s patented array of GPS products and information platforms provide business intelligence solutions through industry brands for automotive dealers, lenders, service and delivery fleets and transportation and logistics companies. Spireon currently has over 1.2 million active devices in the marketplace and forecasts to deliver 800,000 units in 2012. With offices in the North America, Spireon has a proven track record in innovation, customer-focused service, financial stability, powerful vertical distribution networks, and a strong customer base.

For additional information, please visit Spireon, Inc.’s website