Version 8.0 of TL2000 Software Released After Eight Months of Beta Testing

CLEVELAND, OH – Carriers and logistics services firms operating on the IBM System i (AS/400) platform have another choice for new enterprise transportation software, version 8.0 of TL2000, from Trimble Transportation. The latest release of TMW’s robust operations and dispatch software for the popular IBM operating system is the result of over 20 years of continued investment and development. 

According to TL2000 General Manager, Ray West, version 8.0 saw significant development and extensive beta testing during the first eight months of this year. “Customers are excited about the additional power and improved features of this latest version. Both new customers for the system and our vibrant TL2000 user community, which includes many influential carriers, report greater operational efficiencies with the additional capabilities found in version 8.0,” he said.

As part of TMW’s continuous improvement efforts, delivery of TL2000 software will now transition to a new rolling release model that delivers product enhancements and new features more quickly while reducing total cost of ownership for customers. West, who also directs product management for Trimble Transportation, said the most recent release features key enhancements driven by the work of the TL2000 Advisory Board. This TMW-sponsored product advisory group has a rotating membership of 15 active customers who meet regularly to direct ongoing development and improvements for TL2000.

Notable improvements in version 8.0 include error-checking for driver-entered data in mobile communications, easier edits to correct dispatch data and enhanced application security and configuration features, such as company-level menu authority.

Extending the utility of TL2000 through Web applications is also a significant area of growth with a number of milestones on the horizon. Leveraging TMW’s next-generation .NET platform and cross-platform development team, the company is planning to offer multiple applications based upon a standardized Web framework to TL2000 customers over the next several months. The first of these applications—DriverSeat, CarrierHub and eStat 2.0—extend the TL2000 system to users outside a company’s walls via the Web.  DriverSeat, available today for TL2000, focuses on a company’s drivers and owner/operators. CarrierHub, available for TL2000 in early 2009, extends connectivity to a company’s brokered carrier base, while a newly enhanced eStat 2.0 offers self-service opportunities for shippers.

The range and stability of the TL2000 product has also made it a candidate for other technology extensions from TMW. Another new application that enables TL2000 customers to provide Web based order management capability to its distributed agent network has been in cooperative development and testing with a pilot customer for more than twelve months. Soon, their network of hundreds of agents will be able to transact daily business with a robust, zero-client Web-based application while still providing the TL2000 customer a global view of operations across all agent locations, with centralized reporting and financials, in their TL2000 enterprise transportation software. The system is expected to go-live in January 2009 for daily use.      

Additional activities planned for TL2000 are improved integration with TMW’s industry leading optimization solutions, IDSC ExpertFuel and IDSC MatchAdvice, to minimize fuel purchase costs and reap the operational benefits of optimal power-to-load-matching. Increasingly, TL2000 customers are also taking advantage of TMW’s commercial-grade Asset Maintenance Software, TMT Fleet Maintenance for System i

“This newest release of TL2000 incorporates market-driven features that improve a carrier’s day-to-day operations and business performance, including support for route and fuel optimization from IDSC ExpertFuel technology,” added West. “This ongoing investment in development and continued product improvement for our IBM System i and .NET products demonstrates TMW’s commitment to keep our customers current with technology and significant business trends. We will continue to bring our customers exciting new developments that add business value and competitive advantage.”

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