Wild West Express, Inc., Chooses IDSC ExpertFuel

With 100 power units, Wild West Express, Inc., is a truckload carrier based in Fairacres, New Mexico. Founded in 1992, the company transports frozen and refrigerated cargo for restaurants, supermarkets and ice cream purveyors. Wild West Express specializes in hauling time-sensitive shipments throughout the continental U.S. 

Trimble Transportation, Inc., welcomes Wild West Express, Inc., as a new customer using IDSC ExpertFuel®, the leading fuel optimization software. Engineered to work seamlessly with legacy systems and technology infrastructures, IDSC ExpertFuel will interface with the company's existing technology.

IDSC ExpertFuel is designed specifically for truckload carriers to minimize fuel costs and out-of-route miles. At dispatch, drivers receive a fuel/route plan detailing number of gallons to purchase at inexpensive and expensive stops. Using a unique algorithm to calculate all essential factors and best-in-class pricing/routing data, fuel plans are generated in real-time, in a matter of seconds. All relevant route and vehicle factors are considered in the solution including:

  • Current fuel prices, fuel level, vehicle fuel consumption, fuel network implications
  • State tax implications
  • Out-of-route miles, route policies
  • Terminal fueling and tank fill policies
  • Driver amenities

TMW acquired Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC) and their decision support software offerings including IDSC Netwise, IDSC MatchAdvice and IDSC ExpertFuel, in 2007.

About Trimble Transportation, Inc.

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